Undergraduate Studies

Our undergraduate program offers a major (BA) and a certificate.

Undergraduate students acquire a thorough background in contemporary interdisciplinary scholarship in feminist and gender studies. A large variety of engaging courses prepare students for a wide range of job and career opportunities by providing rigorous training in a number of crucial skills that are marketable in the real world, such as critical and analytical thinking, and writing and communication.

Undergraduate Student Learning Objectives

  1. Demonstrated ability to engage in critical and interdisciplinary thinking, analysis, and problem-solving through effective written and oral communication.
  2. Evidence of ability to integrate key concepts in Women's Studies, including the social construction of gender; intersectionalities among gender, sexuality, race, class and other vectors of power and identity; social stratification; and how these issues manifest in a Pacific-Asia context in written and oral work.
  3. Demonstrated ability to connect the classroom with real-world feminist issues through active engagement in citizenship and civic participation.