Advanced Women's Studies (AdWS) Graduate Certificate Admissions

Students may pursue the AsWS graduate certificate while simultaneously working towards a master's or doctoral degree in another field, or as a standalone certificate program.

AdWS Graduate Certificate Application Deadlines:

  • March 31 for fall admission.
  • October 31 for spring admission.

Applications received after these dates will be considered on a case-by-case basis as space allows.

1) Submit to the Graduate Division

To apply to earn the AdWS graduate certificate concurrently with another graduate degree:

To apply to earn the AdWS graduate certificate as a standalone program:

2) Submit to the Department of Women's Studies

  • Letter of interest indicating:
    • Why you are interested in the certificate.
    • Long-term goals (personal and professional).
  • Letter(s) of recommendation:
    • Either one letter from a WS faculty member or three letters which can be released from your home graduate program.
  • Academic transcripts.
  • Writing sample (optional) such as an article or term paper.