Women's Studies at the University of Hawaiʻi

The Department of Women's Studies at UH Mānoa is proud to offer an interdisciplinary approach to the study of women and gender issues. Our department emphasizes multicultural and global education and innovative feminist research on issues of gender, sexuality, ethnic and national diversity, and social justice with a focus on women in Hawaiʻi, Asia, and the Pacific. We offer a major (BA) and an undergraduate certificate, and an Advanced Women's Studies (AdWS) graduate certificate.

We proudly announce the Women’s Studies Honors Track, providing our most talented and highly motivated students with an exceptional opportunity to excel in their study of the different aspects of the study of women, gender and sexuality. https://t.co/EE3GjFHs9d

Discover how Simone de Beauvoir paved the way for #feminism today with @theacademy award nominee Imogen Sutton’s documentary, Daughters of de Beauvoir.

+ Q&A with Imogen Sutton, Margaret Drabble, Sarah LeFanu & @muirkate .

Thurs 16 May @ifru_london

👉https://t.co/Yi4w1aLOse .

"Fiction for this age group is a super exciting area right now as there haven’t been a lot of books published in the past and just in the last year so much great stuff has been released."

8 Awesome Queer Books for the Youth and Tweens in Your Life

LGBT fiction for the tween / young teen in your life, or for anyone who likes a good queer book (spoiler: that’s everyone).


“I want them to know that there were many women at the beginning of cinema.”

Pamela Green’s new documentary highlights Alice Guy - a director, producer, writer, editor and studio owner - and her undocumented but critical contributions to film.

How The World's First Female Director Was Erased From History

Between 1896 and 1920, Alice Guy directed, produced, or commissioned nearly 1,000 movies. Until recently, barely anyone knew her name.


For @WILPF, the bottom line on evaluating new resolutions and mechanisms at the Security Council is whether such initiatives create change for women on the ground. Today's blog on the new #WPS res #SCR2467, which focuses on sexual violence in conflict: https://t.co/kZXr3OQiwE

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